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Public Health Programs

Article by SDS Admin Published on January 8, 2019

The Department of Health (DOH) is currently implementing various public health programs that would provide interventions on addressing the triple burden of diseases in the country – morbidity caused by infectious diseases; mortality by non-communicable diseases (NCDs); and emerging incidence of injuries, mental health, and alcohol and drug abuse. These programs are: a) National Immunization Program, b) Women, Men, and Children’s Health Development Programs, c) HIV/AIDS and STI Prevention, Emerging and Re-emerging Infectious Disease, Integrated Helminth Control, Food and Waterborne Diseases Prevention and Control, and National Dengue Prevention and Control Programs, d) Tuberculosis Control Program, e) Malaria Control, Schistosomiasis Control, Leprosy Control, and Filariasis Elimination Programs, f) Rabies Control Program, g) Lifestyle Related Diseases Prevention and Control, and Essential NCDs Programs.

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