SDGs – Philippines

PDP and SDG-Supportive Local Initiatives

Like in the case of MDGs, the local governments play an important role in implementing the PDP and attaining the SDGs. In this regard, it is deemed important to provide local governments a menu of options that includes outstanding programs and projects, particularly those recognized by the Galing Pook (GP) Awards (or Gawad Galing Pook) that are supportive of the PDP and SDGs.

GP Awards is the first program in the country that searches and recognizes innovative and exemplary practices implemented by local governments. It was first launched on October 21, 1993 as Gantimpalang Panglingkod Pook by the Local Government Academy–Department of the Interior and Local Government, the Ford Foundation, and advocates of good governance. To sustain the Awards program, Galing Pook Foundation was established as a private awards-giving body in early 1998. Over the years, a number of best local government practices have been recognized. In particular, Galing Pook Foundation selects ten GP awardees/winners (i.e., Ten Outstanding Local Governance Programs) every year, except for 2001, 2006, 2013, and 2016.

The study aims to assess and identify key local government programs and projects, particularly the GP awardees that support the PDP and SDGs. It also seeks to set the baseline for an institutionalized SDG awards scheme in the future.

The study can be downloaded through this link.