SDGs – Philippines

Sub-Committee on SDGs

In 11th of December 2019, DBCC approved the creation of SC-SDGs during the 177th DBCC meeting, with the following roles and functions:

  • Provide support, guidance, and oversight on the integration of the SDGs into the PDP and related sectoral plans;
  • Identify and address gaps of current policies and programs needed to drive progress on the SDGs and coordinate with DBM on the funding of these programs;
  • Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the programs identified in the SDG Annex in meeting the 2030 targets;
  • Propose to Congress and Senate SDG-relevant policies and communicate needed budget for the SDG-related programs and projects; and
  • Review SDG-related policy, program, partnerships, and budget recommendations proposed by the TWGs.


The Subcommittee on Sustainable Development Goals is comprised of different members from various national government agencies: