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Covid-19 and the SDGs

Article by SDS Admin Published on June 1, 2020

To minimize the adverse impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the following need to be implemented in the short- to medium- term:


For the rest of 2020
Operational budgets of government hospitals, especially those involved in COVID-19 treatment, prevention, and control of other infectious diseases; emergency preparedness and response; and Quick Response Fund DOH
Increase the operational budget of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) UP-PGH
For 2021
Expand spending on medical infrastructure: new hospitals, health, and critical care facilities, laboratories, as well as acquisition of medical equipment, medevac and ambulance vehicles, and stockpiling of PPEs, test kits, medicines, vaccines, etc. DOH, LGUs
Sustain budget for regular health programs (e.g., Immunization Program, Maternal, Newborn and Child health, Tuberculosis, HIV-AIDS, Family Planning, etc.) DOH, LGUs
Incentivize, subsidize, and support researchers and research institutions who will engage in research and development related to development of test kits, medical equipment, vaccines (e.g.COVID-19 vaccine), medicine, and others.



Increase budget to improve health data systems (Unified Health Data Dashboard for disease surveillance and monitoring; and Health Information Exchange) DOH, LGUs
Sustain budget for indigents under PhilHealth  to cover emerging or re-emerging diseases PhilHealth
Draft the National HRH Masterplan, the long-term strategic plan for the management and development of HRH to include contingency plans for national public health emergencies (i.e., recruitment for medical reservists), and the National Health Workforce Registry DOH
Ensure budget for the implementation of the UHC Law and First 1000 Days DOH, PhilHealth, NNC


For the rest of 2020
Various programs: Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situations, distribution of food and non-food items, livelihood assistance grants, and supplemental feeding for daycare children DSWD, LGUs
Quick Response Funds DSWD
Integration of savings mobilization as a component of all social protection programs DSWD
For 2021
Provision of automated teller machine cards to senior citizens DSWD, LGUs


For the rest of 2020
School-based feeding program DepEd
Improve existing online platforms DepEd, CHED, TESDA
Tap the ICT for the Alternative Learning System (ICT4ALS) Project of DepEd and UNICEF DepEd
Realign funds for teacher training to enable them to teach flexible learning options and blended learning DepEd, CHED, TESDA
For 2021
Develop learning and teaching modules for flexible learning options, and radio or TV classes, including e-learning materials (modularized for students, teachers, and parents) DepEd, CHED, TESDA
Provide communication/internet allowance for teachers and Student Financial Assistance Programs (StuFAP) beneficiaries DepEd, CHED, TESDA
Expand the Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education (GATSPE) coverage to elementary DepEd
Expand DepEd’s Computerization Program DepEd
Develop a national e-learning platform (web-based and app-based)



Increase budget for the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education and Technical-Vocational and Education and Training CHED, TESDA
Realign funds for the improvement of information technology (IT) infrastructure (both hardware and software) for the TESDA Online Program courses TESDA
Develop a Learning Management System to easily track learner progress and performance TESDA
Procure courses from other online institutions and develop future-ready courses in TESDA Online Program and MOOCs of higher education institutions (HEIs) TESDA, CHED


For the rest of 2020
Conduct skills retooling programs through flexible and blended training arrangements to improve employability of displaced workers TESDA, DOLE
Tap and fast-track the implementation of the Tulong Trabaho Fund TESDA
Expand unemployment benefits to include temporarily laid off workers SSS, DOLE
Expand awareness and coverage of the Employees’ Compensation Program ECC, DOLE
Institutionalize the provision of PPEs by employers to prevent spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. DOLE
For 2021 
Improve social protection programs and income support systems through unemployment insurance, emergency employment, and wage subsidies SSS, DOLE
Intensify financial literacy programs for the vulnerable sector DOLE, PESOs
Issue training vouchers to individuals, which can be availed through institution-based, enterprise-based, or online modalities for the upskilling or retooling of learners and workers (similar to the Skills Future Singapore model) TESDA
Establish additional mobile training laboratories (MTLs) and equip all these laboratories with computers and internet connectivity TESDA

For the rest of 2020
Review DOTr’s remaining budget for the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) in 2020 and allocate funds to allow for regulatory shift towards industry consolidation and service contract–based provision of public transport services. DOTr
For 2021
Housing Rental Subsidy Program for low-income ISFs DSHUD, NHA
Purchase high-end temperature scanners and disinfectants to be placed in major international airports and domestic ports across the country for mandatory inbound and outbound temperature screening of passengers; Allocate or propose budget for medical clinics and personnel equipped to handle sick passengers; disinfection materials must be also purchased for all public transportation.



Implement the Metro Manila Route Rationalization Study under the PUVMP in priority areas.


Allot funds for procurement of relevant IEC materials and supplies for distribution to accredited establishments, such as medical/hygienic kits, disinfectant kits for tourism transport vehicles, among others.






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